Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Black is back

Black is Back or at least... according to those people involved in fashion who supposedly know what they're talking about...it's back.

But was black ever really out?
Has anyone in the last few years been into a shop and NOT been able to find anything in black?
do they come out wringing their hands lamenting, "if only they had it in black... i just can't find it anywhere."
Does anyone follow the fashion trends that closely that their garage has just been filled with bags of clothes in the last few seasons paisley colours, wild patterns and those REVOLTING SKINNY LEG JEANS???? **

I, myself, almost always wear black. Now, I know what you're thinking, and no, I'm not a goth; the black is usually restricted to clothing: not hair, fingernails or huge amounts of make-up.
Sometimes I get a little depressed when i open my closet and pull out my one pink t-shirt and one green t-shirt (both entirely unsuitable as work attire), and wish that each time i went shopping (and we all know it happens alot) i would find the courage to buy something bright...

But, time and time again, i go into a shop, they can have a top in every colour of the rainbow, and i will always choose black, or just occasionally, dark blue. WHY DAMMIT WHY?????

I have had this conversation many times with one of my very good friends who also favours black... it's not that i don't LIKE other colours, i even know that some of them look good on me... i just prefer black. If you know me, you might well be surprised to find that, when it comes to clothes, i prefer to blend in, colour-wise at least. I like clothes that are sometimes a little different and a bit funky (the word funk and it's meaning are a staple of my vocabularic diet), but they are almost without exception, black or grey.

Dont' I WANT people to notice me? Don't I WANT to have a little fun with my clothes? Don't I WANT to have more than one colour in my wardrobe? Don't I WANT to occasionally have to choose between colours of tops to wear with my black pants?

I guess the answer is no. I don't.

I like black. It always works. You're never under-dressed, rarely over-dressed... and it goes with EVERYTHING!

So if, like me, don't care that black is back in fashion again this winter, and won't care if it's in fashion in any season to follow, wear what you like, and just nod quietly and smile, because you know the truth.... black was never out.

**please note that the author sincerely hopes the skinny leg jeans are not only in a bag in a garage, but that a ritual sacrifice involving burning is performed.

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im-always-right.com said...

Black is slimming.
This is what I love about wearing black.
It never faded out of my eyes, that's for damn sure.