Thursday, February 23, 2006

my first dilemma.

I tend to categorise people. Although i don't like to be categorised myself. No boxes for me thankyou very much.

I also tend to categorise shops... put them into little boxes in my mind. I tend to do that with lots of shops, even ones i have been into. for example, yesterday i went into Bob's Boards in Hawthorn. was going past, was in a big hurry, not enough time to get things done before i go etc, so i seized the opportunity to spend 10 minutes buying some new thermals (F(iretr)uck those things are expensive these days...). Now, here was i thinking... Bob's Boards, i know they're a shop that sells REALLY expensive jackets and stuff (not all, but mostly actually... that shop is ridiculously over-priced and nobody should ever set foot inside there when every other ski/board shop in Australia is having a sale) and some snowboards and those rubber boat thingies that the hot lifeguards use to rescue morons who can't swim. And that's about it.

HOWEVER....had a quick wander and LO AND BEHOLD... the skis that i thought i had called EVERY bloody ski shop in Melbourne about (none of whom had any in my length, and wouldn't have until May, but i could order them if i liked, very useful for going to Japow NEXT WEEK), were sitting innocently and unassumingly on their ski rack... the ski rack that i didn't even know existed, due to the fact i didn't know they SOLD SKIS!!!!

Now I, loathe to hurry a purchase so HUGEMONGOUS as a new pair of skis, looked, drooled, and left, but i shall be returning with vigour to check them out on Saturday afternoon. Now all that remains is for me to decide whether i really NEED a new pair of skis (absolutely not) or just DESPERATELY WANT a new pair of skis (far more likely) and whether i should fork out $800 for a new pair of skis (absolutely should not) or whether new boots are more important... (most probably) OR... here's my final offer... use the bloody gear i've got and save my money (unlikely... but much more sensible...).

What should i do people?

It is but 8 days until i leave to go to JaPowPow.


Wilbur said...

Hey Tams,
As per phone conversation, just stick to getting boots. Your B2s rock and your boots are a worn?!?

P.S. My boots are orange.
P.P.S. They'll have new Miss Demeanours at some stage anyway. Perhaps save them for when we go to JaPow next year!

Tammiodo said...

don't lie. you know it's just that my boots smell!!!! i don't have time to buy new boots now :(