Thursday, February 08, 2007


Oh how I do love to write, but there seems to be too little time to do it these days. I've been pondering alot lately what my course of action in life is going to be. Do i want to be a writer?

I've decided no. Mainly because, when i HAVE to write on a certain topic, a certain amount of words, by a certain time, it tends to lose all it's fun.

One of my friends is sure that she's a dancer in a lawyers body, but i reckon that if she'd taken up dancing for a career, it wouldn't bring her as much joy as it does now as a release from her legal high flyer world.

Writing is going to be an extra, and i'm ok with that.

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Lenny said...

Yay new post. And I agree completely, its a nice feeling isn't it to have something "figured out". Enjoy the extra writing.