Thursday, September 08, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Winter is over. Spring has Sprung. It's amazing how this lovely weather can change how you feel about the world. It's light in the morning, it's still light at 6pm. This is absolutely my favourite time of year - night times and mornings are still crisp and cold, but when I sit in the sun during the day, I can remember once again what it's like to feel truly warm. It also brings home just how long it is since I've actually felt truly warm.

I'm looking forward to summer**. Tra la la la la.

**Just wait until I start complaining about how hot my house is and how I can't sleep because it's still 30 degrees at night.

1 comment:

Ozgirl said...

Hey!! Speak for yourself!

I am still skiing the next 3 weekends!