Friday, March 03, 2006


So. my plane was cancelled. I'm going to Japan, it's a 10 hour flight... the incoming plane had to land at cairns with mechanical problems.

So i thought to myself...
Perhaps i'm glad it was delayed.
Perhaps I'm glad to be getting on a different plane.
Perhaps i'm GLAD to have to GO HOME from the airport when i'm supposed to be GETTING ON A PLANE.
Perhaps i'm glad to be spending tonight sitting up in a plane seat instead of going out in a foreign country and crawling into a comfy hotel bed.

Or not.

True, i could have died if the plane had mechanical failure in the air. Then i wouldnt' have made it to Japan at all. BUT I'D BE DEAD... so i wouldn't really care.

I just wish they'd called me and told me... I would have slept in.

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Broghan said...

Tam- are you there yet, are you there yet?! Poor you, that does truly suck. Hope you made it to JaPow in one piece- insanely jealous of you right now.
And tell me, did you get the Miss Demeanours? They are so good that I even started a google search for Swiss Suppliers (sadly lacking my friend, sadly lacking).
Have a mad time- want to hear about it and see pics soon!