Tuesday, March 21, 2006

waaa waaa waaa i'm a whiney bitch.

Ok. So since I arrived back in this glorious city i've been feeling quite uninspired. I'm sure that's normal, and I think it even has a name... holiday blues. The kind of feeling you get when you:-
-come back to work to 480 something emails
-have not had enough sleep
-have to organise functions and expo stands at very short notice
-drink too many coffees and then crash
-look at your photos from your holidays and remember that 72 hours ago you were still having fun
-look at all the things you bought duty free
-think about all the things you should have bought duty free
-feel bad about whingeing about how much work you have to do to the poor people who haven't been on holiday at all, but don't really feel bad, just feel like you SHOULD feel bad... especially when they point out to you that you've just been away for 2 & 1/2 weeks while they've been taking your calls and doing your work (doesn't seem like they did much to me!).
-get emails from friends who are overseas for months on end

See it annoys me that i've turned into such a whiney bitch. Seriously. Who complains when they've just had the best holiday of their life?

oh.... that's me.

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