Monday, March 20, 2006

i'm back.

Things That Have Happened To Me Since I Got Back That I'm Not So Happy About:

-It took 20 minutes to get from 20 metres away from my house into the front door on the way home from the airport yesterday. Stupid Commonwealth Games.
-I have a sunburnt nose from spending half the day outside watching the marathon runners run up Southbank yesterday. Stupid Commonwealth Games.
-One of our sales guys from work has been staying with my parents while I was away, and was supposed to move to a hotel yesterday so i could have my bedroom back. There are no hotels in town for less than $500 per night. Stupid Commonwealth Games.
-I couldn't go to sleep until 10.30pm last night because we only have one tv in our apartment and everyone was watching sports in the living room, sitting on the couch, my makeshift bed. Stupid Commonwealth Games.
-I arrived back at work this morning to be bombarded with 486 emails, many of which were junkmail, the rest of which were directions from newly gung-ho, enthusiastic and organised boss. Stupid holidays.

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