Sunday, March 26, 2006

in an upside down world.

I'm in NZ.

I'd honestly always thought of New Zealand as just another state of Australia.... seriously, how different can it be? The people, they're a little bit like Tasmanians, aren't they; a bit backwards? But otherwise unremarkable...

So... imagine my dismay when i popped on the telly tonight. I saw an ad for Grey's Anatomy. FOr anyone whow doesn't know, one of my favourite television shows of all time (if you've seen Dr. McDreamy, you'll understand why watching it is 59 minutes of pure joy in a week otherwise filled with uninspiring men...). Normally I would be quite excited to see an advertisement for this particular program, because it would mean that it would be coming on tv soon. Naturally, being in NZ, i assumed it would be an episode from last season that I had already wseen.... to cut a long, anguish-filled story short, it wasn't. It was a new episode,. I haven't seen it. I quickly jumped on the internet so check Aus tv programming for the next week... no Gray's Anatomy.


It really is a truly beautiful country, but this is complete and total injustice.... isn't it?


Lenny said...

I don't think the Kiwi's are all that backward. They're generally very accomodating and friendly people, especailly if your Aussie (or think your Aussie at least). NZ got the most gorgeous landscapes and geology. Suck in the fresh air, round up some sheep and enjoy the quiet time away from the busy city silly!
You know what they say, "When in rome ...."

Broghan said...

What are you doing in New Zealand?

Tammiodo said...

i was there for my cousin's wedding. Flying visit... Flew down Friday, back monday.

and just for the record, I don't actually think New Zealanders are backwards... its just a joke between me and my family who live down there... we pay out NZers, and they pay out Aussies.

Jason said...

was that lenny talking about geology again... without complaining about the bitch bitch bitch, moaning moaning moaning?