Thursday, March 30, 2006

do you ever...

do you ever wish you hadn't done something?

My brain's been arguing with itself:

sensible side: I wish I hadn't gone out last night. I'm exhausted. two overseas trips in a month, 100 hours work in the last 11 days, late nights all over the place....
Fun side: but geez it was good to see people you haven't seen in a while, and go out... you haven't been out in ages.
sensible side: but there's a REASON i don't go out during the week, I need to be able to function at work. especially this week.
Fun side: but you had a good laugh, had a few drinks, were home reasonably early.
Sensible side: I don't called 2.30am on a Thursday morning reasonably early. Falling asleep in the cab, waking up this morning with your shoes still on, and dreading the day ahead...
Fun side: But are you really suffering all that much for it now?
sensible side: No. not really.
Fun side: so stop whineing.
Sensible side: OK.

You should hear my head when i'm trying to make a decision.

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