Monday, October 30, 2006


Hello there,

long-time no cheerful see!

Well, I think I'm back... I say I THINK i'm back, because i'm not really sure if i'm back for good, or going to be back on a regular basis... this is all dependent on many things, but the main one being work... see I'm one of those TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, AWFUL employees who use their employer's time, money and resources to do things for myself... like a write a blog. However, often my employer gets their own back, by swamping me with work, thus making me unable to find spare minutes in which to WRITE said blog. However, I have decided that, seeing as I am currently doing TWO people's jobs (yes, i am worth more money, i will be doing something about the presently), I deserve a little Tammy-Time (which will from here on be referred to as TT) in my day. TT shall take place whenever the hell I feel like it, and nobody can do Nuthin' aboot it.

So, today in my TT, i am going to tell you about how from now on, you must all refer to me as Smartie McNerdNerd. On Friday afternoon i received a rather ominous A4 sized envemolope in the mail. The logo on it said Griffith University. The results of my first tertiary assessment submission in nearly 3 years.

Now, it must be said, I have been rather confused lately, as to exactly WHY I decided to take on this course in the first place... A large part of me suspects that I may have just had a weak moment and somewhat given in to my mother's misplaced desire for all of her children to have letters after their name, or that I was just plain stupid. All of the reading I have done so far for my first subject has suggested that both of these are true. However, if I'm stupid, then the other people doing my course are, (and this is putting it kindly), stupid IDIOTS (who obviously can't write a media report to save their lives). This is because in some way, shape or form, the 2 hours I spent on my case study (supposedly 6 weeks work), was only 5% short of perfect.

That's right, I got 95%. i'm not sure how, and i sure as hell don't know why. Therefore, i'm just going to accept the fact that has obviously been trying to push its way to the forefront of my brain and shout at the world: I AM BRILLIANT.

As you may have guessed, i am just a smidgen pleased with myself. Not so much because this confirms any ideas about my ability or lack thereof, or about the standard of my writing (which I never had anything other than a few moments of doubt about anyway), but because it means this course is not going to be NEARLY as much work as I had thought it was, and that means I can continue to study because I enjoy the subject matter, not merely because I need to pass. This excites me, because I chose this course because I really am interested in learning about (most of) the subject matter. Also, the method by which i am completing this course is brilliant: learning by correspondance suits me... I get to read alot, instead of having to show up at a certain place at a certain time (which anybody who knew me when I was at melbourne uni for a few years knows I am not so good at), it means I don't have to have tutes with honours students who are by NO stretch of the imagination teacher material, and it means I can do 4 weeks work in one day, and nobody will ever know otherwise (consistency is just not one of my strong points). All of these things confirm one major issue I've been pondering lately: that I made the right decision.

I was at the movies on saturday night with a friend, and i had forgotten my student card ($15 for a movie ticket, what a rip off!). Anyway, once i had convinced the lovely lady at the ticket counter that I really WAS in fact a student, i just had a different handbag than usual, my dear friend said to me: "the funny thing is, you actually ARE a student... we never thought that would happen again!" I dont' place much importance on letters after my name, I place much more value on other things like practical experience, and I am doing this course more for interest and exposure to the industry than anything else, but it's nice to know that my friends are happy for me.

All in all people, i'm in a cheerful mood. It's nice to feel happy. Some things have happened in the last few weeks that have put my recent apathy and general misery into perspective: i have friends and family who love me, a job that is getting more challenging by the day, i'm healthy and I can do anything I choose to do.

It's nice to be back.


Anna Rikiriki said...

Well, this has confirmed it, that side of the family most definately has the brains....!! I, of course, may have more common sense, but that has yet to be proven....;-)

Tammiodo said...

Oh dear... does this mean that I cannot be in possession of both brains AND common sense...

My but that DOES explain alot!

kiki said...

TT - stick it to the man! (ie. your dad)

good to hear about the course. i wish i had that right now. you know how exam time is during the spring racing carnival and what not...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your assignment!! Just wondering, any updates on Tom? Hope hes doing ok.

Tammiodo said...

Yes kiki, it is most inconvenient that exams happen to fall during spring racing carnival. SOmeone really got that arseabout, didn't they?

Thanks for thinking of Tom Anon. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time he was without oxygen immediately after the accident, the best prognosis the doctors could give was that he would live in a vegetative state, so his family made the difficult decision to turn off his life support. There was a beautiful memorial service held at the National Gallery last Thursday. It was great in that whilst of course it was terribly sad, it really was a celebration of his life. Over 1000 people turned out to support his family and say goodbye. Now I am just trying to be the very best kind of friend I can be to his daughter.

Jobe said...

Tam, fyi, there's a clock on your blog.

Tammiodo said...