Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I never really MEANT to disappear...

OH MY GOD. why didn't anybody tell me the earth was flat. I fell off the edge and it took me over a week to get back!!! Well. I’ve been absent for a fair while now. Crazy busy – ridiculous amounts of work, plus extra teaching for this music festival. It was really quite an honour to be asked to teach – I was by far the youngest and I’m quite sure the most inexperienced teacher there out of about 120 teachers. Hard work, keeping groups of 5 and 6 year olds interested in what you want them to do, plus pleasing their parents! PLUS trying to fit in a normal number of 9-5 job work hours also. Concerts and dinners at night, and this was supposed to be my easy week of no teaching during school holidays!!

Well the biggest news I have is probably that I bought a car – a Honda CRV. I’ll put up some pictures of him when I get him, which will probably (fingers crossed hopefully) be this afternoon. Yippeeeeee. It’s bizarre – my best friend bought the same car on the same day, so we’ll be twins. Oh wait, I already have a twin. Hmm.

I’m glad that school is back now, I’ll have some regular money again, and I’m back into a routine. I really suffer when I have different things happening at different times every day.

I’m very excited because we have a new engineer at work, and he is 25. yes that’s right. TWENTY FIVE. As in LESS THAN FORTY. I am no longer the sole spring chicken in the office. He’s also been living with us for the last couple of weeks, and he’s fun to have around – not to mention easy on the eye. If anyone knows of any nice, relatively normal people who are looking for a house mate in Melbourne, somewhere nearish to the city, let me know. He’s been to look at quite a few places and either the people are freaks, or the houses are dumps.

Nothing particularly entertaining about this post, I’m well aware. Sincere apolomogies. I’ll try and do better tomorrow.

Oh and one last thing – would everyone please do a snow dance – I’m going to the snow for a week NEXT FRIDAY (yippee a whole week off work) and there is almost NO SNOW. What’s the deal? It’s officially almost the middle of winter. Do this for me PLEASE people? I promise I’ll love you forever, and there may well be a slightly inappropriate Christmas card coming your way.


mskp said...

can i just do a dance cos you came back?

*flails around dangerously without spilling a single drop of drink*

are you getting trivial tonight?

Broghan said...

Consider the snow dance did.
Although, if it starts to snow here considering it's 35 degrees, well that'd be weird.
But it's looking shite up there at the moment, I'll try and send the flakes your way then!

Tammiodo said...

MsKP you lovely creature, of COURSE you can do a dance because i came back. I like it when people dance for me. I couldn't get trivial last night... did you go? Tuesdays are a really bad night for me in general, but i have it planned for next week. I will be late, but I will be there. bout 8.30. save me a seat! NB I am most impressed by your dancing without spilling skills. Lessons for me please.

Broghan dearest, i would not wish snow upon you in 35 degree weather, because it would be that 'orrible nasty stuff we skiers know as rain! However, your snow dance is certainly appreciated because it's not looking promising at this stage.