Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Things I don’t like about buses:

-You can’t get off them.

-Nobody else can get off them either.

-Nor can you throw someone out the window when you get sick of them.

-When drunk people continually accidentally lock the toilet door from the outside, and one has been drinking, it can make for quite an uncomfortable ride.

-Somewhere that takes me 4 hours to drive to in a car takes 6 hours on a bus.

-It takes 20 minutes to put snow chains on a bus.

-You don’t get to choose Hicksville (which ordinarily isn’t terrible, except when there’s nothing open but a dirty pub).

Things I like about buses:

-You can sit back and laugh/drink/sleep and not have to worry about concentrating for 4 ½ hours. Consequently you are less tired when you arrive at a destination, and MUCH less tired when you arrive home again.

-That’s about it.


kiki said...

you ain't experienced anything until you've gone greyhound...

Tammiodo said...

oh i've done greyhound... I think that's where my unnatural hatred of buses stems from. I went from Vancouver to LA on a Greyhound. It broke down in Weed, CA. The fucking trip took 48 hours. FORTY EIGHT HOURS ON A BUS.


kiki said...


i've only done 9 hours

i'm sorry i'm not the greyhound victim you are. i can't even begin to fathom the pain you must still be feeling.

Tammiodo said...

It's ok kiki... you couldn't have known.

It's like the guy at work the other day who had put his back out and was in a bit of pain... he said to my dad (who had just made a smartarse comment), "well you don't have any back pain." My dad turned around, glared and said in a very nice voice, "I suffer more back pain every day than you ever have in your entire life, my friend." and walked away. heh heh. That dude picked the wrong person to complain to about back pain!!

jason said...

i did 28 hours from melbourne to brisbane in the middle of january once. oh that was fun!

Tammiodo said...

Nope. you still got nothing.