Thursday, June 01, 2006


Everything that comes into my office at work comes in boxes.

More brochures.
Business cards.
More more brochures.
Promotional material.
Stubby holders.
More brochures.
A white board i recently got (to try and keep track of things I was waiting on from other people)
A printer.
New company laptops that i have to set up.
Leftover Christmas presents (yes, I know it's now June).

The result of this happens to be that even once most of this stuff is gone, the boxes remain in my office. So much so that I had built up a sort of coccoon of boxes. I had my office walls, and then there was my insulation layer of boxes.

On Monday morning I came in and spent an hour getting rid of all the boxes. I had become slightly concerned that I might be buried under an avalanche of boxes and nobody would know for days, because nobody could ever see me in here anyway. I hadn't realised, however, that I had become quite attached to all my boxes. They were my safety vest, protecting me from all the bogans peeping into my office 26 times every hour. They were my way of warding off all the bad karma and gossip that goes on in this office. Consequently, without them, I feel naked. Exposed to the world, or at least the rest of the offices, baring my bits (purely in an office-furniture sense, what were you thinking you dirty boys) for all to see, and I'm really not sure how to rectify this.

My new roomier office layout is not without it's benefits. I can now slide my chair across the floor to get to the cupboard, thus being able to move almost everywhere I need to go without actually standing up. This has provided endless hours of joy and entertainment. I can open the door of my cupboard without risking death or serious injury, and as such have re-located some fanTAStic cds. I now have space on my desk to look organised. I don't look organised at all (even though in my head I know where everything is), but I could if I wanted to.

So I've decided that every change has it's good points, and that I can be adaptable. I can adjust. I will push myself out of my comfort zone of boxes, and out into the world of bright lights, tall buildings* and western civilisation.

*The tall buildings are yet to be built, but there are plenty of spare boxes in the factory if anyone wants to make a start.

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