Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hmm. not what I intended to post about...

Ok. dot points today because I've just a heap of work thrust upon me for a person that i VERY MUCH DISLIKE. Apparently I was supposed to know about it two weeks ago and have it done by this Friday, which is fine, except that nobody told me. I now have to work FLAT OUT for THREE DAYS to FINISH IT to AVOID having my HEAD CHOPPED UP into SMALL PIECES and my job handed to me on a PLATE to hand out to other members of STAFF here, my REPUTATION for GETTING THINGS DONE completely sullied and soiled by NASTY TALK and ending up WORKING THE STREETS because I could never get another job EVER AGAIN.

Ok. Random shouting, even of the virtual CAPITAL variety, makes me feel much better. I need an outlet somewhere, right? I'd really like to run around the office screaming my head off and yell down the phone to said STUPID MAN and tell him to FUCK.RIGHT.OFF. Luckily for me, I'm much too professional for that.

In case you hadn't noticed, every dealing I have with this particular man is coloured by a very bad FEW MONTHS last year where he moved to Melbourne and was my boss, judged my performance by criteria I had no earthly idea even existed, got mad at me for not doing things I had already done, and pulled me in in front of the BIG BOSS and told me in no uncertain terms that had it been up to him, he would have fired me, because i was a terrible PA. I managed to control my CAREER-THREATENING RAGE to inform him that this was because I WAS NOT HIS FUCKING PERSONAL ASSISTANT, and that, despite this, I did ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING he had ever asked me to, and in a timely fashion too. I then very polite suggested that the problem was perhaps not with ME but with the only ARROGANT BUFFOON HEAD in the room, and looked pointedly around me to see if there were any other such creatures in the room. It was quite clear both to me and to the BIG BOSS that there were not.

Long story short, he fucked everybody in the office around so much, was a complete bastard, and was sent packing back to his old job in Sydney. I felt quite vindicated. He is the ONLY person in the history of EVER to tell me that, not only had I not done a BRILLIANT job, that I had done a terrible, awful, firing-worthy job. It was ridiculous. I'm not saying that there aren't areas I can work on (although, I do a PARTICULARLY STELLAR job on EVERYTHING I TOUCH), but to tell me he wanted to fire me, I just couldnt' work it out. It did make me feel slightly better to know that I wasn't the only one he had a problem with, but you can't judge people by imaginery standards.

In the end, he fell down, and i'm still standing tall. What does that tell you?

Ok. This post has totally run away with itself, and I hdidn't even get to the Bullet Point Post about my weekend etc. So I'll have to save that for another day, or perhaps I'll be a nerd and do it at home tonight.

Ahhhhhhh what am I talking about? Once a nerd, always a nerd. I, therefore, am a nerd for life and beyond.


kiki said...

if it were up to me
i'd fire you

you are doing a terrible job, you never get anything done on time nor do you do what i ask

clear your desk please

-i'm sensing a strong dislike for this man, i don't know how. i think it may be your emotive / colourful language
maybe i'm just a genius

Tammiodo said...

The annoying thing was Kiki, I really did like him alot. I'd known him for 10 years before he worked here in Melbourne, and I got along really, really well with him.

However, now I very strongly dislike're right!