Friday, June 23, 2006

Join me on the bandwagon.

Today, I woke up at a time starting with 5. Yes... i woke up at about 5.55am.


As in... an Altogether MAD time to get out of bed (these days at least). The world is a cold dark and scary place at this hour. I wouldn't recommend that anybody do it on a regular basis.

My oh so lovely brother woke me up for the second half of the soccer. In truth, i've never really been a soccer fan. I've never had the teensiest shred of interest in a game that has about 4 seconds of excitement, and that's in a busy game. However, I've jumped on the same bandwagon as much of the rest of Australia. It's FOOTBALL Tam, not SOCCER. Those are OUR BOYS over there, representing OUR COUNTRY and doing US PROUD.

You'd be forgiven for thinking I might have been talking about those of our countrymen fighting a war overseas, but no, this is MUCH more important than those blokes sweating it out in army greens. Isn't it? This is the World Cup.

Australia loves nothing more than a good old fashioned sporting hero: Harry Kewell, John Aloisi (these are the only two I know without googling, and i really am just too lazy to google at the moment). Those guys are the (current) shiznit.
Nevermind that they live overseas and get paid literally MILLIONS (yes, multiple millions) of dollars every year for kicking a ball around a patch of grass. A PITCH Tam, it's called a PITCH (a FOOTBALL pitch at that).
Nevermind that our team is coached by a guy whose name looks like a good old fashioned Gus, but with a typo. That's right boys, he's Scandanavian (dutch perhaps?), and he doesn't give a shit about Australia, he's in it for the glory and the money. He's probably a great guy, and obviously a phenomenal coach to drag Australia kicking and screaming to their best world cup result in history, but he's NOT AUSTRALIAN. This is just how au fait I am with soccer, sorry football, people... I know that once this world cup is over, this guy is going to coach some Russian team for some ridiculously exorbitantly stupidly HUGE amount of money. It's all about the money.

I feel the same way about the fact that our Australian diving and gymnastics team coaches are both from China. Is there not something wrong with this? They don't sing the national anthem, they don't feel the pride of their country, they're in it for the money. I guess i'd like to stick to my obviously somewhat antiquated belief that sports people (including coaches) should be in it for the pride and glory of representing their country and doing well. And perhaps the majority of them are, but why not make a few hundred million bucks on the side.

In other news, it's Friday. Yay. Questions day. I have an awesome weekend planned, and i've just decided i'm getting a new car, hopefully before the end of the financial year, which means BEFORE NEXT WEEK!!!!! Yippeeeeeeeeeee.

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TOBYtoby said...

Yay for new vehicles!

I didn't wake up. No chance. So very UN-AUSTRALIAN.

Might stay up for Italy match though.