Monday, April 24, 2006

bang bang you're stupid

"I am the only one here professional enough to handle this weapon."

Something you wouldn't expect to hear from someone who is about to shoot himself in the leg with his own gun, in front of a room full of children (including his own), during a gun safety demonstration. He is now trying to sue the DEA for leaking footage of the incident and supposedly ruining his career.

Your career went bang indeed buddy.

I was trying to think of equivalents in other professions:

-a professional swimmer would drown whilst giving a demonstration on floating, and sue the swimming pool.

-a therapist would have an anxiety attack and hyperventilate during a therapy session. They would then try and sue God for not putting enough air in th room.

-Someone who works at McDonalds would grow to be morbidly obese from eating 3 meals a day at the store, and try and sue McDonalds for putting too much fat in the food... (actually, i'm quite sure this has already happened).

-a writer would stab themselves repeatedly with a pencil to try and alleviate the frustration of writer's block, and sue the pencil manufacturer for making pencils so damn sharp.

There are too many people who think that suing someone makes up for their own stupidity. Obviously, it doesn't.

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Jason said...

you posted this post twice. does that means it has twice the postity postness?