Friday, April 07, 2006

Post a secret

There's a book I want to buy. This book is full of secrets. They are not my secrets. They are not even the secrets of people I know. They have absolutely no relevance to me, or to my life. Yet still, I want to buy this book. Perhaps it makes me a voyeur, this intense interest in the lives of strangers... or perhaps I just have a secret of my own.

Have you heard of Post Secret? Moving, chilling, heart-breaking, clever and true confessions are written on post-cards and sent from all over the world to a mailbox in America. The owner of the mailbox has a blog. It is updated every Sunday with some of the most beautiful pieces of art I've seen, and they're all anonymous.

This site (and subsequently the book) is a tribute to the darker side of human nature... the side of people we know that we will probably never know, and it is represented by people we don't know, sharing secrets we would otherwise never hear about. It could be your next door neighbour talking about you, it could be your best friend talking about your brother. In these days of caller ID, credit cards and globalisation, it is almost impossible to create anything of meaning, and do it anonymously.

We are all liars, and we all have secrets... some are terrible, some are not so. The idea inspires me... sharing my secrets with the world, and nobody being any the wiser.

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