Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Tammy Song

Today i had my itunes on random songs. Much of what played was complete rubbish. Still i soldiered on. Eventually, i thought, something more than half decent would come up, and I would be glad i played this game of lucky dip.

Then it happened... A song came on, a song that I absolutely totally and utterly adore; a song that, no matter when i hear it, and no matter which mix of it I hear, makes me grin a big goofy smile and cheers me up no matter how terrible i'm feeling. There are a select few (thousand) songs in my life that, no matter how old they are (this one is in fact only about a year old), no matter how long it is since I've listenened to them, as soon as I realise what song is playing, an undeniable, indescribable bout of happiness washes over me.

My life is full of songs like this... the soundtrack of me. I can hear a song I loved 10 years ago, and still tell you which part of my life associate it with, and I will almost undoubtedly still be able to sing every word! I can put on a 10 or 15 year old mix tape that I made (one of hundreds, i'm quite sure!) and tell you which song will come next. I can tell you where I was when I first heard a certain song, and I can tell you whether I still own it now. The funny thing about most of these songs is, I will almost invariably find it impossible to tell you who the artist is. I guess some things are important, and some things are not.

Random happiness. There's nothing better.


Anonymous said...

but what was the song that made you so happy??

Tammiodo said...

it could have been any one of a number... it doesn't really matter does it?