Friday, April 28, 2006

Mingling with the Criminals

Report from todays Age:

A stash of more than $420,000 has been found in a suburban car park in Melbourne's west.
The money was discovered in a bag at a St Albans car park and handed into Craigieburn police station late on Wednesday night.
The finder, an unidentified man, will be rewarded for his honesty if the money is not claimed within three months and can keep it.
Also in the was a smaller bag of white powder. The bag has been sent for forensic testing.

OK. So... what I want to know is, what would you do if you found $420,000 in a bag in a carpark?
-Would you keep it and move to a foreign country so that the drug barons to whom it undoubtedly belongs can't find you?

-Would you keep it and flaunt it openly... buy a house, or a new car?

-Would you hand it into the police so that hopefully the drug barons to whom it undoubtedly belongs write it off as a bungled job, decide not to confess all their sins to the police over a measly 400k, they leave it for 3 months and you get it as a reward, and then spend the rest of your life in trepidation that they would find you and want it back, even though technically and legally it's rightfully yours? (please remember that it's unlikely this money was to pay cash for a house... these are not law-abiding people you're dealing with here)

OR... (and this is my favourite), would you leave it where it was, and forget you ever saw it, for fear of your life.

Have I seen too many movies? do people get killed over four hundred thousand dollars these days? I'm certain there could at least be some finger and kneecap mutilation happening... I think i'd rather still be able to walk and play the piano than have 400 Gs. Or not... if i had that much money i could buy a house and someone in it to play the piano for me.

i like it.

I'd keep it.

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