Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Poor Devil

THIS article really does bring a new meaning to the term, Poor Devil.

Let me sum it up for you:
The Devil is really an angel.
He is an ally of God, not an enemy (i think the exact phrase was, "He's in charge of policing the world...).

The Devil has been subject to 1700 years of character assassination. Having survived that, one ex-jesuit is set to try and redeem the Devil's reputation.

I can just imagine how the poor, misunderstood Devil feels. All he's been trying to do for 1700 years is what his dad told him to do: test us.
"It's not my fault," he thinks to himself.
"I've got a good heart," he says to the other angels when they shun him.
"You just don't understand what I'm trying to achieve here," he shouts to the world.

They all look at him silently whilst they shake their heads disapprovingly.

Just because you're following orders, doesn't make it right.


Lenny said...

Ok you sure you're feeling alright here? Like what are you on! I can almost see an association here with easter and how it would inspire a random post like this.... note I say almost.... :~|

Tammiodo said...

oh i'm really not big on making things relevant... you should know that lenny! and yes thankyou, i'm feeling quite fine.

Doug said...

Would God pick a self-pitying mamma's boy to be the Prince of Darkness? I, mean, what's a few thousand years to the Angel of Light? It'd be downright unprofessional to wallow in self-pity in the midst of a career making assignment. "No,'s cool. Carry on, folks. But thanks for caring."