Friday, April 14, 2006

so much to do... so few days off has been a very big 6 weeks. In fact, I don't think big even begins to describe it.

I've been overseas twice.
I've moved house (yesterday).
I've run part of an exhibition.
I've done sales training.
I've taught 25 kids each week.
My sister has been here from London.
I've worked 70 hours each week.
I've been drunk once.
I've received a couple of very random late-night phone calls.
I've watched an amazing movie.
I've caught up with some very good friends.
I even went to a party full of people I don't know.
I've started swimming again (3 times a week... don't fall off your chair just yet).
I've been to a wedding.
I've started going to the gym (again).
I've been in emotional turmoil about something for one reason or another for almost the entire 6 weeks.
I've had a deep and meaningful I wasn't expecting.
I haven't had a deep and meaningful I should have had.

It's the long weekend. 4 days of pure relaxation....
I'm exhausted.
I want to sleep.
i want to lie in bed and read books for 3 days.
I want to relax and go to the movies.
I want to catch up with some friends.

Instead though....
I'm unpacking my new room. Where did all this stuff come from?
I'm helping to unpack the rest of the house. Again, where did all this stuff come from?
We're having family friends over.
We're having a family dinner.
I'm teaching.
I'm taking my sister shopping to buy a computer.

argh why won't life just stop occasionally?

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