Thursday, April 27, 2006

Government of cards

Hmm. apparently I was wrong about yesterday's article about ID cards to combat terrorism. They're to combat fraud, mainly. However, rest assured, people of Australia: the card is not compulsory. You will only need it if you are dealing with the government, or, if you are a terrorist.

Here, I believe, is one of the most stupid comments this man has ever made:

"When it was suggested that people who were security threats would not apply, so limiting the card's usefulness in fighting terrorism, Mr Howard said: "You'd be surprised … Some of the people who have been charged with certain offences … are in receipt of extensive social security benefits." (The Age, 27/04)

It seems quite odd to me that the government would admit that known criminals are receiving extensive social security benefits. Seriously. That should be a lessons in "what NOT to say when trying to convince the taxpayers that spending 10 billion dollars on implementing a national ID card system is a good thing."

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