Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just Because

Apparently, computer games are not just entertainment, but a vehicle for self expression.

hmm. I know that when I'm playing Halo on my xbox, i'm really just expressing how much I want to be a super military person stuck on a planet with a strange ring around it, and i'm trying to convey to everyone who knows me just how much i want to KILL EVERYONE IN SIGHT.

Or not.

I'm QUITE sure that back in the good ole days of Nintendo 64, when I was hurtling around the race track as yoshi or luigi i was expressing my intense desire to have MY VERY OWN NOVELTY CAR.

No, really.

And (any of my snowboarding friends will be glad to hear this), I'm sure that the hours and hours spent perfecting my tricks in Amped and Amped 2 were just preparing me for when I become a snowboarder and turn pro.

Sick. Fully.

This guy says games are a vehicle for self expression. I feel the same way about that as I do (generally) about people who review movies, and books: talk about sucking the fun out of life. These types of entertainment are meant to be just that: ENTERTAINING. I feel the same way about it as I did when we reviewed books at school: maybe the author DIDN'T have a double meaning, perhaps that choice of words just happened to sound good to him at the time. I read at least a hundred books each year, I go through anywhere between 2-5 a week (no, i don't sleep a whole lot), and I get involved in all of them whilst i'm reading them. Sometimes I read them again. Many books I've read many times. This is not because I agree with any message they are trying to portray, just as I don't play games because I find they are a good way to express myself. I play them, and read them, and watch them simply because I enjoy them.

What's so wrong with that?

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