Monday, May 01, 2006

Wedding Bells

One of my very very good friends just got back from overseas, where she has been working for 6 months (for the 3rd winter in a row!). She and her boyfriend came to visit me yesterday, and I was most surprised when she introduced her boyfriend to my parents as her husband. It actually took a second for me to register that the word she had used was husband... and then to realise that it was because they had got married while they were overseas, not just because they were GOING to get married (which I'd sort of just assumed anyway!). Not only that, but she'd managed to keep it a secret for 5 weeks, so that they could tell everyone face to face!

They then proceeded to tell me one of the most romantic engagement/wedding stories I've ever heard. In a nutshell, he proposed, and they got married 10 minutes later on a mountain at 12,000 feet in the snow. They'd been going out for 8 years, so she really was pretty much a sure thing, but still, once she'd said yes, there was no chance for changing of minds! Its just beautiful, and it's so... THEM. It suits them right down to the bottom of their well-worn ski boots.

Anyways, another couple I know really well are getting married this year (granted, i know about this one in advance!). Their engagement story is equally as charming, although quite different. Their wedding is going to be a rather large, showy affair. I'm certain it will be stunningly beautiful, but i'm also absolutely certain it's costing a fortune.

Now, I think there are upsides and downsides to each:

-one had only the friends who happened to be on the mountain, on the day, whereas the other gives the opportunity for all friends and family to be part of the celebration.
-one was two months in planning for a couple of people, one will have been 18 months in planning for a team of people. Now, as a consequence of this, for one there was no time for stress or fuss, and the other gives plenty of time, and often reason, for Bridezilla (and Familyzilla) to rear their ugly heads.
-one involved minimal cost, the other will cost enough for a deposit on a good sized family home!

In the end though, both are/will be a celebration of two people, and, as corny as it sounds, a celebration of their love. I think that's beautiful, and no matter what form the wedding itself takes, they still end up with the same result!

So, congratulations to J&J. I wish I had been able to be there, but I honestly couldn't be happier for you both.

Also, congratulations to G&E. I'm so looking forward to your wedding, and to you both coming home!!!

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