Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Addicted to...

I have an addiction.
I haven't told anyone about this addiction.
I'm a little embarrassed about it.
If you're reading this, you might have a similar addiction.
I dont' think this addiction is necessarily a bad thing, not yet, anyway.
This addiction has made me laugh, made me cry, it has inspired me, it has depressed me.

I'm addicted to other people's lives, and other people's writing: I'm addicted to blogs.

I spend ages sifting through different blogs each day. Some favourites I have bookmarked, and check eagerly to see if they've been updated, waiting to read the next instalment in someone else's everyday. Sometimes I just click on the next blog button at the top of this page, and see where it leads me.

I'm wondering though, does this obsession makes me slightly voyeuristic? Maybe even a little stalkerish? Dont' get me wrong, I don't try and find out who these people are in real life... I don't go and sit outside their house or make prank phonecalls in the middle of the night. But am intensely curious about what's going to happen next in their lives, and how they will interpret it.
Sometimes I wonder if I would know these people if I evercame across them. Would there be some connection? A knowing smile that says, I know who you are. I'd like to think I could be friends with some of these people. Many of their personalities appeal to me through their writing. Are they as witty and interesting in real life?
I guess, in most cases, I will just never know.


Venkat Narayan said...

thats a nice passion you have got and am glad that u have read my blog too. hope it intices u in future.
and yes, u too have a good style or writing. keep it up.

Teddy Budiwan said...

Yes, you could be addicted.
OR, you could just be a social person.

Tammiodo said...

mm but i don't know that it's being all that social... i'm just reading... watching.... observing.

Anonymous said...

i do the same thing!

i found this one today, dont know if youve seen it before but thought you might enjoy it

Teddy Budiwan said...

You have this circle that you monitor, you care abou. That could be your social circle, should you choose to be active or not in it. Mailing list can also be accepted as a social peer.