Thursday, May 18, 2006

happiness is...

I was thinking to myself last night, I’ve done an awful lot of blogging about things I don’t like, and about things I’m unhappy about, and about things that annoy me. So I thought that, for a change, I would blog about some things I do like. Things that make me happy, the reasons I do all the things I don’t like!!!

I love my family – yes it’s mushy, but it’s true. We’re a pretty big family, 4 kids and mum and dad, and we’re a very close family. We always ask each other’s opinions on everything (actually, we usually don’t ask, we just get everyone’s opinions whether we want them or not). Our family is split down the middle: there’s the half of them who walk away from a fight, and then there’s the half that always have to win the fight. Guess which side I’m on?

I love my friends – I have some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. They put up with my crap, they hang around when I disappear for a year, they don’t judge me when I go (a little more than) slightly off the rails, and they’re always there for me. I hope I can be for them.

I love our new house – yes, we’ve finally moved. I have the biggest bedroom in history, and the biggest (almost) walk in wardrobe (more like stand in) in history. It’s awesome. Now I just can’t wait til the backyard’s finished we have the spa, and I can have a very drunken spa party. You’re all invited. No, really. All of you. Come and get drunk and get in my spa.

I love my teaching – yes. It’s true. I’ll often deny it, but more often than not, I really very much enjoy teaching the little shits. If nothing else, it’s not monotonous (unlike my 9-5 job)…. You never know how the little mite is going to react to anything. Sometimes it’s incredibly frustrating, mainly because I’m not scary enough so none of the kids practice.


Johnny: I didn’t do any practice this week.
Me: Oh dear Johnny. Why not?
Johnny: Because Big Brother was on during my practice time.
Me: Oh dear. Well, how about we try harder this week then.
Johnny: But Big Brother’s still going to be on.
Me: Well how about we pick a different practice time. How about trying in the morning before school?
Johnny: I already get up early and I don’t’ like getting out of bed in the morning.
Me: Me either. Oh well, too bad. Big Brother wins again.

See? I’m too nice. That’s why all my students are crappola.

I love going on a Saturday afternoon to the coffee shop round the corner, having eggs and spinach and mushrooms and sitting and reading my book for a couple of hours. Nothing beats it. Nobody bothers me, apart from the very nice staff bringing me my food and endless coffees, and I get some solid reading done somewhere other than my bedroom.

I love the snow – but I already did a post about that here.

I love driving – I hate my car, but the Beast does get me around, when he’s not at the mechanics costing me money, or having windows broken and bags stolen.

I love my dog – My little Tobias. Oh my god I can’t believe he isn’t higher up this list (really he is, he just hasn’t been living with me for the last little while because our backyard isn’t enclosed and I don’t want to risk him ending up under The Beast, or someone else’s car). Little Tobias is my very favourite person in the world. He listens, he looks, he wags his tail, he kisses, he snuggles, he understands. I miss him to pieces, but hopefully he’ll be back in the next few weeks.

I love reading other people’s blogs (I also wrote a post about this here) – I am intrigued by the lives of people I don’t know. It is one of my greatest joys to check in on these strangers a couple of times a week, to be involved in their latest thoughts. Here are a few of my favourites. NB I don’t’ actually know any of these people in person – just in the blogosphere.

Ms Fits
I’m Always Right ( particularly like the name of this one, but it’s about music!)
The Book Bitches
There are so many more, but I won’t go on!

OK. I think that’s enough happiness for a few weeks. Back to being miserable again.

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