Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Red Wine
Spaghetti Bolognaise (which I cooked myself, for the first time in a very long time)
Some Hilltop Hoods then Miles Davis...

Is there any better way to spend a Humpday night if you are finished unexpectedly early...?


kiki said...

chuck some kyuss in there and i'd orgasm

TOBYtoby said...


That's a terrible image for the dinner table.

- What's up with kiki?
- Nothing just ~really~ likes Kyuss and red wine

kiki said...

kyuss are the shit

Tammiodo said...

ah... please scuse me ignorance... but what's Kyuss?

TOBYtoby said...

Kyuss are a band from the early 90s, members of which later formed Queens of the Stone Age.

They are pretty rocking.

Tammiodo said...

Thankyou Toby-wan kanobe. And to think you said you lacked musical knowledge!

jason said...

what tammiodo failed to mention to everyone in her blog, was that while cooking the pasta she was dancing around the kitchen like a regular little egyptian. or some other middle eastern national who actually knows hwo to dance. it was fun!

Tammiodo said...

It was quite fun, wasn't it brother dear? I wish we had time to do that more often.

P.S. I did not dance like an egyptian. The only time I dance like an egyptian is to THAT song.

kiki said...

only the guitarist from kyuss moved to QOTSA where he also sang

he was much better in kyuss

i think the QOTSA bassist is from monster magnet, but i'm not sure and dave grohl did the drums on their earlier work

kyuss are the ideal band for rocking and chilling
stoner rock at it's finest