Sunday, May 28, 2006

not right now.

It's Saturday night (actually early Sunday morning), i'm not drunk. I'm not really anything actually. A bit blah.

I saw the new Warren Miller movie tonight (ski movie, for all you non-eskimo people). It got me excited, but it also got me a little sad. One of my friends i haven't seen in a while asked me if I was heading back up to Hotham to work this year. I'm not. I wish I was. I'm almost tempted to, but that would mean leaving the teaching I've built up over the last few years. I would do that in a heartbeat if I thought I could have my students back as soon whenever I wanted, but as I said, it's taken me 3 years to get to this point.

I guess when it comes down to it, I know that teaching is not going to be my career. I quite enjoy it, and I'm very good at it, but I just couldn't do it forever, not full-time anyway. I'm not even doing it full-time now and the kids drive me crazy sometimes. I guess that's the nature of working with children though. The adults at my office job drive me crazy too, so perhaps it's just working with people in general with which I have issues!

I know working at the snow isn't a career, or at least it wouldn't be for me. It's something that I love, it's something I'd like to make a career out of, but I'm pretty sure I never would. I hate to say it, but the way I've been brought up, it could just never happen. Lawyer, teacher, physiotherapist, even public relations consultant. They'd be happy with any of those,bBut not ski instructor, or lift operator. I guess i know, too, that I want more than that for my life.

Just not at the moment.


kiki said...

i became a qualified ski instructor 12 months ago

i'm going to do it a little bit this winter at Buller, but i'm going to do it full-time over christmas in Swtitzerland

i'll see how i go and let you know as i too, don't want that but want it oh-so-bad

TOBYtoby said...

This is the eternal tension. I don't have an answer. I mean, I keep working with TAX, for crying out loud. Busy trying to work out a way to escape.

I've never harboured any illusions about music as career, but it would be pretty cool to be a rockstar. But that's really just for fun and love these days.

And sometimes your parents just have to deal with it. My parents were all 'career' but my brothers have sorted them out. My little bro is a muso. Delivers whitegoods to pay the rent and plays in about 5 bands. My parents ended up chilling out about the whole thing. Of course, as the eldest, I missed out on all that. :P

Tammiodo said...

Kiki, where did you do your instructor course? And which one did you do? Are you working up at Buller, or just skiing?

Ah Toby. I'm the youngest, so things are certainly easier for me when it comes to getting away with things my sisters wouldn't have, but not pressure-to-be-in-the-right-job-wise. I'll be the only one in my family who's not doing it "their" way. Sometimes it bothers me and other times it doesn't. I think they've recently begun to get used to the idea. I guess what really bothers me is that I don't know what I want to do, so at the moment it's like I'm floating in the middle of an ocean and I'm a really good swimmer, but I just don't know which direction to start swimming in.