Tuesday, May 16, 2006

celebrity crushes

OK. at various stages in my life, i've had celebrity crushes. I don't even remember all of them, but here are a couple that were relegated to "poster-on-the-wall" status (no mean feat in my tween-years).

The first one I remember was this bad boy:

And whatever happened to Seaquest DSV?

Of course, he didn't look like that then, he looked more like this: Still, i was only young myself... it would have been a perfect match!

These days, however, it tends to be guys more like this:

Oh wait, they're all Johnny Depp. I guess I have a type, huh?

OK, and this guy.

Funny thing is, Whilst I would turn down Johnny depp or Colin Farrell, in real life, i don't actually have a type. Sure, I guess everyone has a physical type to which they're initially attracted, but that very quickly becomes ALMOST irrelevant. The astonishingly hot guy with a spectacular ego and zero personality is not nearly as appealing as the average looking guy with who "just gets you." Unless you just want sex. In that case, find the hottest person you can, and shag their brains out. I just don't do that. Any more.


ms fits said...

Didn't the lovely Jonathan Brandis commit suicide a couple of years ago?
Tragic. He should never have done Never Ending Story II.

Tammiodo said...

he did too :(

BEVIS said...

I assume Ms Fits means he shouldn't have done the film, since his own story ended so abruptly.

Or maybe she was being more tasteful than me.

Tammiodo said...

I'm quite sure Ms Fits would never be anything but tasteful. Never. Ever.

Anonymous said...

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