Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's here.

I don't know what it is about skiing, about being at the top of a mountain with nothing to do but point downwards... but the most free, the most energised, the happiest i've ever felt. It's there.

I wrestle with myself sometimes. I wrestle with my upbringing, and other peoples' expectations of my life. I would love nothing more than to ski. Every day, for the rest of forever. Few people I know would truly understand the feeling. Most people who ski like it alot. Few Are truly passionate about it. Most people I know would say that living in the snow, working for low pay, it's not a real life. That i'd get bored. I'd be poor forever. And maybe they're right. But there is just something about being in the mountains, being outside snow, hail or shine...sometimes all three!

I'm not the greatest skier in the world... in fact, if i'm honest, it's one of the few things i've ever loved to do even though i'm not brilliant at it. I think that, for me, that is what's different between this, and most of the other things I've ever done. I'ts not just something I do becuse i'm good at it. Competent, but not brilliant.

So the season starts in about a month's time. 4 months (at the outside) of checking snow reports and webcams every hour, thinking, dreaming and breathing snow.

nd these two people will be right there with me, they always are, at least in spirit. Two of my best friends. They just get it.They just get me.


Will said...

Awww, shucks Tams! That was really nice. And yes, I will be there. Pity about the Yetimeister.

Tammiodo said...

yep. but he'll be there at least once or twice during the season :p