Monday, May 29, 2006

Bizzy Bee

He blamed me (amongst others) for confessions, and now i'm blaming him for my things to do list.

So without further ado, my things to do:

-Start some sort of regular writing (other than this blog, of course, but it hardly counts). I think it'll be short stories for the moment.
-Start swimming again regularly
-Go to the Da Vinci Machines exhibition in July
-Get my motorbike licence, ditch my revoltingly awful yet kind of sweet (in a terrifyingly nostalgic moment), and get myself a bike.
-Go to the Rembrandt exhibition at the NGV
-Find someone to come to Ben Folds with the Melbourne Symphony with me (any takers, please let me know!)
-Learn to do 180s on my skis (Wilbur has promised to teach me this year)
-Attempt to save money to visit this beautiful place for another few weeks
-Get back into singing and accompanying myself on the piano. Now that I've got the piano back, I just need to actually sit down and do it, my voice is a little rusty these days, i sing so rarely. I actually miss the days of school and singing lessons and groups and choir. Now the only thing I sing to is the radio (although, I do this almost constantly the whole time I'm in the car, which is about 2 hours a day generally!). It was cool the last couple of times I've seen Lenny it's ended in a jam session... although I'm pretty sure one night i passed out halfway through the jam session...Jehan and Taubs would probably recall more of it than I do.
-Go to some regular gigs at Manchester Lane and Dizzy's
-Organise my new Sony walkman ipod type mp3 player thingy so that I can actually use it (can't figure out how to put music onto it at this stage... any hints people?)
-start getting out of bed in the morning and going for a walk along the beach. For some reason, I just can't get out of bed before 7.30. I think it's making up for those 10 years of getting up at 4.30am every morning of the week, but still, in the last 5 years (particularly when I was at uni and rarely emerged from under the covers until at least 11am) you'd have thought I'd made up for it. I have the best intentions in the world, I set my alarm for 6.45 or 7am, and then have terrible, broken-up sleep for the next hour while my alarm keeps going every 8 minutes. I have recently just taken to re-setting it for 7.45.
-Try and meet some new people. Not quite sure how one goes about this, but the intention's there for the timebeing.
-Clock Need for Speed Underground. I almost finished it last year, and then we moved, and my old xbox time is now pretty much being taken up by reading. I'd like to find some sort of balance here... thank goodness for empty weekends!

Things that were on my to do list, which are either done or booked:
-Go to the Ballet (going on June 11th with Mummy Bond)
-Go to Brisbane to visit good friend who has moved there (going this weekend)
-Start my PR degree (i'm starting in August - Griffith Uni by correspondence).
-Re-organise my teaching so that I have my weekends to myself (as of two weekends ago, Yay ME!!!!).
-Read at least one book per week (have been successful in this for the last couple of months if I average it out, I usually have more than one going at a time).

OK. i think that's enough to keep me busy for a while....


kiki said...

you like jazz???

i've always been meaning to go to Dizzy's cause it's just around the corner of my house, but i never have anyone to go with

are you looking to do 180's on a box or in the air or both??

Tammiodo said...

Ya I like jazz. We should go sometime. My bro is HUGELY into it too, way more than me actually. I just like live music of any description really.

I want to do 180s and 360s in the air (i've pretty much got 180s, truth be told), and a 180 onto a box would be nice :-p I'm really just a bit of a chicken, i'm too afraid of landing on the edge of something and knocking out my two beautiful front teeth!!

TOBYtoby said...

Music is good.
Do you play in a band or anything?

I keep setting my alarm for 7.15 in order to get up and do some skipping and shadow boxing stuff. At 8.15 I maybe drag myself out of bed and stumble to work.

Tammiodo said...

I don't play in a band. I'd love to though. actually, i'd love to sing in a band. I guess i could sing and do keyboard as well... but singing's really my band "thing."

Heh. Heh. This morning I set my alarm for 7 again, I think. I actually don't know, because i woke up at 8.50 to my dad shouting from the bottom of the stairs, and was really very late for work! So much for running around the lake this morning.

TOBYtoby said...

Excellent. You're the pianist I had in mind for the post-rock orchestral sound experience spectacular. And singing is more your thing.

Better and better :).

TOBYtoby said...

I do have to stop meeting people and secretly forming bands with them without mentioning it, or indeed even asking.

Tammiodo said...

I would love to be part of the post-rock orchestral sound experience spectacular. Thankyou for (kind of) asking! Can I sing too?

Here's a question for you though. What will you do if I'm terrible? Will you tell me to my face? Or will you secretly undermine my credibility with the other band members until you have them all ready to stage and intervention to make me realise that in fact I am not the brilliant rock-staresque musician that I thought I was... And I drink too much.

or something like that?

TOBYtoby said...

Oh no, I am decidely average in my musical ability. More dedicated in my enthusiastic mediocrity than any raw talent. So I would never say anything.

The rest of the band might though.

Tammiodo said...

Well that's a relief.

Just so you know though, it was a purely hypothetical question. I am in fact extremely talented. A musical genius, for want of a better description.

Modest too.

TOBYtoby said...

Excellent. Then I should worry about you getting rid of me.

Tammiodo said...

No no. I am very supportive of mediocre musicians. Especially when they're the instigator of this whole band bizzo... that gives you alot of pull you know.

TOBYtoby said...

Just listening to John Coltrane and I want to see some Jazz too!!