Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Which Guy?

So how'd you be...?

You're sitting, waiting. You're nervous as all hell. You're an immigrant from the Congo. You have a degree, but here in Britain you're a cab driver. You're waiting for an interview for the BBC's IT department as a data support cleanser.

Suddenly, someone ushers you through a door, onto a stage, and you're on live TV, being asked your expert views on Apple Computer's legal battle with Apple Corporation, the Beatles' music publishing company.

Thing is, you don't really have an opinion on it. You're not an expert in it. You were just here for an interview...

Oops. Wrong Guy... literally. They meant to get This Guy. Instead they got


ugs said...

and he wasn't even a cabbie.

for some reason (racist assumption anyone?) that's the story that went around initially ... that he had driven the 'real' Guy to the studio and hence the confusion. but he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

oh, and apparently the woman who went down to collect him had actually been shown a photo of Guy Kearney. so how the hell she managed to get them confused is anyone's guess ..

Tammiodo said...

Dammit. Can't believe anything you read in the newspaper these days :p

ugs said...

you sure can't.

you can't trust what you read in blog comments either. the 'right' Guy was named Kewney not Kearney.


and you can read his version of it here - (sorry, i don't know how to link it?)

Dave Mack said...

I saw this last week.

This is definately one of the funniest thins to come on the interent in some time.

Also, you should check out Kewney's web page. the guy is an absolute dick about it. Calling the cabbie and "ignoramous" and shit.

If this happend to me I'd laugh it off, and relish the exposure.