Thursday, May 25, 2006

mess mess all over the place.

I am not an organised person. Not at all. I'm all over the place. I do, however, have a phenomenal memory for remembering what I've got to do, and whether or not I've already done something. I don't have any sort of system for getting things done, which is why I'm not organised, but i never do things twice, and I always remember, almost down to the very wording, what I've done.

This is helpful when, say, if someone asks me to do something minor, I can turn around and say, i sent that to you in an email in October last year. Did you see what I did here? Yep. Clever.

Yesterday though, one of my students tried to compare my state of (dis)organisation to that of my eldest sister - the superly-freakily organised administrator and teacher. I decided right there and then that there is just no hope for me. If organisation were a disease, she's got it bad baby, and I'd be coming up in big red welts from an allergy right now. I actually dont' think i'd WANT to be that organised though... it's just not my style.

Sometimes though, I do hate being disorganised - I just hate not being in control. It doesn't happen very often, thank god. This year though, I started using a diary. Never before have I worried about forgetting things, but these days i have so much on (28 students, who like to chop and change their lesson times, as well as a full-time job, not to mention organising random weekends away and snow trips, and the rest of my social life, which these days seems to be out of control (in a good way, not in last year's crazy, self-destructive way)) that a diary was the only way to keep track of what was going on.

OK, so perhaps I'm not too bad, i mean, i DO have a diary. AND I use it. But I like to have the freedom to chop and change things, I don't want to be too tied down to anything. Everyone who knows me knows that I will be flexible with them as long as they can be flexible with me, and that works for me. It doesn't work for my sister, and she regularly gets incredibly frustrated by my lack of organisation (she is the general manager of an organisation that I deal with on a regular basis for my teaching), but I think that even she understands that's just how I do things.

Different strokes for different folks i guess.


TOBYtoby said...

I totally know the feeling. I keep everything in my head.

I tried to get organised last year. Bought a diary. And a book called 'Getting Things Done', which has this amazing system for sorting stuff out.

Didn't work. I just can't keep it going. I keep meaning to try again ...

kiki said...

write in your diary in pencil, that way you can erase things if need be

see you at the snow?

Tammiodo said...

Toby I keep everything in my head too... but occasionally i feel myself slipping, which is when I start feeling the need to use my diary again... truth is, i just don't use it much. but it's a nice prop!

Kiki i'll be there... which mountain?