Monday, May 15, 2006

Who am I?

Who am I?

I was born in 1983 to an engineer and a secondary school geography teacher.
I am terrible at geography.
I have a twin brother and two elder sisters.
I used to have a love for, and a particular skill for all things aquatic.
Now I prefer my water to be frozen and falling from the sky.
I am still heavily involved in music, despite a 3 year hiatus where I swore I would never touch anything musical again.
My life’s greatest achievement has not yet been achieved.
My greatest achievement so far is still being alive.
My favourite person in the world has four legs, big brown eyes and a little black nose.
The most indulgent thing I can think of doing is lying in bed during the daytime, eating chips, and watching tv series on dvd.
I don’t do this nearly often enough.
Some people call me a workaholic.
My biggest secret is that I’m downright lazy.
I am smart. I am determined, and I will get my own way in almost anything I choose.
The epitome of my self-centeredness is that I have a blog all about myself that I write in every day, usually about myself.
Despite this selfishness and self-involvement, I am a very good listener, and I do not to judge my friends.
I have little patience for stupidity.
Once I’ve decided to do it, I tend to go head-first and full-on into everything.
I become easily obsessed, and, I fear, easily addicted.
I still have two teddy bears from the day I was born. They still live on my bed, and I often take one of them away with me.
I’m a creature of habit. I’m happiest with routine, and I don’t like uncertainty.

Have you worked me out yet? If so. Please let me know, so you can give me a hand with working myself out.


Anonymous said...

Bitch bitch bitch ... moan moan moan ....
Guess who ? :P

Tammiodo said...

that must be fred bloggs.

Will said...

You're tammiodo... am I right?

Oh, and don't forget you get very deep and meaningful when drunk!

Tammiodo said...

it's true. i tend to cry. just occasionally. it's the red wine. just the red wine.