Tuesday, May 09, 2006


How do people cope? How do they get over things? How do the move on with their lives?

One of the women at my work is a lovely person. Or, at least she was. These days, i do all i can to avoid being in the same room as her. She has turned from a friendly, happy, quiet and polite person into a bitter and twisted, complaining and rude wench. I know that sounds like a revolting thing to say, and i'm sure if I heard someone talking about another person like that, i'd say they were awful. That doesn't change the fact that it's true though.

The thing i want to know is, how can this experience have changed her so much? Will she ever get over it? Will she ever get on with her life? I wonder how i would cope in a similar situation. I keep saying to myself,
"I just wish she'd get over it. She has to get on with her life."
Easy to say. I guess, a little harder in practice.

I feel terribly sorry for her, really i do. I just wish she'd shut up about her messy divorce and stop trying to share her misery.

Am I a heartless bitch for wanting to enjoy my own happiness?

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jason said...

i hope she doesnt read this blog...