Monday, May 29, 2006


Arrived in the office this morning to quite possibly one of The Most Vomit-Inducing Smells On Earth. As soon as I walked in the door I knew. "We've Got RATS."

So i ask around a bit, have a look in the secret places that rats like to run, and find droppings everywhere. Then I speak to the woman who does the cleaning 3 times a week.
"Oh yeh," she drawls. "There were heaps of them in the cupboard and on top of the fridge so I cleaned them out on Friday. It was getting pretty awful."

Um...Ah... would you not think to TELL someone this? That there have been rat droppings, and therefore rats, all over the crockery and cutlery cupboard, containing the crockery and cutlery THAT WE USE DAILY???????? Seriously woman.

Anyway, germs, filth and disease aside, one of these hideous rodents has taken it upon itself to DIE somewhere. Note that I said somewhere, and didn't name a particular place. This is due to the extremely unfortunate fact that I CAN'T FIND THE LITTLE FUCKER. It is now stinking up not only the kitchen, but all the offices and cubicles within a 30m radius, which is all of them.

Most. Revolting.Smell.Ever.

The thing I don't get though, is that everyone else in this building decided that they didn't know what the smell was, so they'd just leave it to someone else to sort out. Unfortunately, I have a very low tolerance for the smell of rotting dead rodent. Am I alone in this?


TOBYtoby said...

That is so gross.
Nothing like the smell of dead things.

Dave Mack said...

While I was reading that post I couldn't help thinking ofthe classicly hilarious misunderstanding between Basil Fawlty and the Major in "Basil the Rat".

The Major is talking about a rat he is strying shoot and refers to it as rodent and Basil mistakes him for talking about the Germans. GOLD!!

Although, its not as funny when you type it.