Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What's in a Name?

It really bothers me, for some reason, that it is newsworthy that an actress has a baby and gives him a normal name - Johnny.

*GASP* No it couldn't be.

Mira Sorvino, you are now my celebrity Hero-Mummy.

I have written about the peculiar habit of celebrities giving their children “imaginative” names before, and I don’t think I could put it any better than Carrie did on last night’s Rove Live News.

“Geri Halliwell has had a baby girl and called her Bluebell Madonna. Apparently the name My Mother Hates Me was already taken.”

Now, not only was My Mother Hates Me taken, but so was I’m Going To Cop Shit All My Life Because My Parents Wanted To Make Sure That The Newspapers Had A Reason To Write About Them Now That They Are Has-Beens.

Phwoar. What a mouthful, but a mouthful I’d prefer to Bluebell Madonna.


jason said...

something else interesting about that story is that she is 38 and he is 24 and its their second child. so theyve probably been together since he was like 20 or 21 and she was 35. thats a bit of an age difference in the opposite direction to normal! sounds like demi moore and ashton kutcher. maybe another topic for a blog?

Tammiodo said...

I wouldn't mind an age difference like that...

No. Wait. I'm not a pedophile!! I meant in the other direction!!

Jason! said...

So I hear that brangelina have named their kid "Shiloh Nouvel". Sounds kind of unassuming right? Wrong! translated from hebrew and french it means "New Messiah". ie they think their kid is going to be the next god. I suppose if welth is next to godliness then that may be the case, but boy i feel sorry for that kid.

In other news Gwen Stefani and her Beaux named their now son Kingston James McGregor, which i think is actually a nice name!